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Peace Like A River Crossword Puzzle

John Peng

1 2 3 4                   5
6       7    
8                 9 10        
14         15                
  16     17            
18                           19 20
    22 23                
      25   26                          
  27         28             29        
30 31                   32         33
        34     35       36  
  38         39            
  40                             41      
  42           43
44                   45            
47             48      

4.The reverend that knocked out Jeremiah and Reuben (2 Words)
8.What Reuben wanted to buy with the money earned from tearing down the corn crib
10.The clarinetist that was attacked in the locker room
11.Martin Andreeson gave this as a present to Reuben (2 Words)
12.The Land family stayed at this man's place during the hunting trip at the Great Plains (2 Words)
13.This fat boy with plugged nostrils was there when Reuben took down the corncrib
15.Jeremiah contracted this sickness from chimney sweeping
17.What Reuben originally thought Davy Land and Jape Waltzer were living in
18.The name of the man whom Davy was living with (2 Words)
23.The fat salesman disliked by the Land family (2 Words)
24.Swede poured this in Martin Andreeson's car's gas tank (2 Words)
25.Reuben's crush (2 Words)
27.The main character in Swede's poems (2 Words)
30.Dr. Nickles shot Reuben with this to help his breathing
32.Davy's nickname for Reuben
35.Swede chooses this as a career
39.Davy's birthday gift to Swede
40.This man owned the red farm (2 Words)
41.The name of the pig that Davy had stolen
44.Reuben has this desease
45.This made Jeremiah leave school to become a plumber
46.The federal agent assigned to catching Davy (2 Words)
47.Jeremiah's second wife
48.Reuben's wife
1.Reuben's birthday gift to Swede (3 Words)
2.Jeremiah's birthday gift to Swede
3.The Land family lived in this when they returned to Roofing, Minnesota (2 Words)
4.This man killed Jeremiah Land (2 Words)
5.Swede's villain in her Sunny Sundown poems
6.The name of the young girl whose father gave her to Waltzer
7.Reuben and Swede's nickname for Matin Andreeson (2 Words)
9.He fired Jeremiah Land (2 Words)
14.He killed Martin Andreeson (2 Words)
16.The other federal agent who comes to find Andreeson when he disappears (2 Words)
19.He shot Israel Finch and Tommy Basca (2 Words)
20.The Land family owns this type of car
21.Davy's jail mate (2 Words)
22.Davy's horse
26.Davy's defense attorney (2 Words)
28.Reuben fights this girl
29.Reuben shot one of these during the hunting trip on the Great Plains (2 Words)
31.He delivered baby Reuben (2 Words)
33.How old is Bethany Orchard?
34.The renter of the ranch where Davy and Waltzer are living in an abandoned shack. (2 Words)
36.Davy's prosecuter
37.Swede and Reuben steal these from the DeCuellars in order to break Davy Land out of jail. (2 Words)
38.Israel Finch's accomplice (2 Words)
42.Jape Waltzer shot Reuben in this area
43.Mr.Holgren had these on his face
44.The material Jeremiah was walking on when he walked off the flatbed of the old grain truck

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