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Medical Terminology Chapter 15

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3.slight paralysis (suffix)
5.instrument used to record the electrical impulses of the brain
8.loss of feeling or sensation
10.tube implanted in the body to redirect the flow of fluid
12.interruption of blood supply to brain caused by cerebral thromosis, embolism, or hemmorrhage
13.one (combining form)
14.separating a nerve from adhesions
15.viral disease caused by herpes zoster that hibernates along nerve
17.sensation (combining form)
25.largest portion of the brain
27.noninvasive process uses a computer to produce a series of images of the tissue at any depth.
28.manner and style of walking
29.blood tumor below the dura matter
30.located between the pons and spinal cord
1.inflammation of the brain,spinal cord, and nerve roots
2.speech (combining form)
3.period after a seizure
4.fainting or sudden loss of consciousness caused by lack of blood flow to cerebrum
6.characterized by early senility, confusion, loss of recognition of people
7.inflammation of the brain
9.space inside cerebrum that contains cerebrospinal fluid
11.suuden deficient supply of blood to the brain lasting a short time.
12.abnormal condition of clot in the cerebrum
16.paralysis of all 4 limbs
18.difficulty swallowing
19.loss of brain functioning, usually with aging
20.brain (combining form)
21.tough outer layer of meninges
22.paralysis of half of body
23.four (combining form)
24.delicate middle layer of meninges
26.passes through the vertebral canal extending from the medulla oblongata to level of the 2nd lumbar vertebra.

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