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Respiratory System

Meghan, Mariel, Giselle, Ashley

Descriptions of structures and functions in the respiratory system

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2.tiny sacs of air that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide
7.which lung has three lobes
8.what structure transfers both food to the stomach and air to the trachea
11.space where carbon dioxide from the blood is released
13.the windpipe, has pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium
15.connects to the arteries and veins; one cell thick
17.what substance traps germs in the mouth and nose
18.what is inhaled through the nasal or oral cavities?
19.what part of the respiratory tract has the nose, nasal cavity, mouth, pharynx, and larnyx
1.this system supplies the blood with oxygen
3.which lung has two lobes
4.what structures in the pharynx capture and kill bacteria in the air
5.what structure moves dirt to the digestive tract
6.covers the trachea and prevents food from "going down the wrong pipe"
9.what is exhaled from the body?
10.small and narrow tubes that lead to the alveoli
12.this cavity has more filtration
14.guarded passageway; also has vocal cords
16.what part of the respiratory tract is made up of the trachea, bronchi, alveoli, bronchioles, and diaphram

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