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Organisational Structure

David Kenney

1 2 3
  4                 5        
        7           8  
10                         11   12     13
17                           18  
19 20       21    
22         23                            
    25   26  
  27       28                

4.The responsibility to report and justify results to a higher authority
7.Divisions can make their own decisions and act independently
10.Can be wide or narrow depending on organisational structure
12.Abbreviation for 'Management'
15.An attempt by a firm to cut costs by eliminating job positions
16.Organise and assign tasks and responsibilities to different departments
17.The 'D' in 'R&D'
22.Organisational structure with fewer levels of management
23.The duty to perform the task assigned to you
24.The management levels in an organisation
28.The informal communication channels that exist in a firm
29."Doing the right things"
30.iphone and ipad come from this company
31.Internal ............. is responsible for ensuring the firm's guidelines are followed
32.Job positions that support the efforts of line positions
1.Transferring authority and responsibility for a task
2.Organisational structure with many levels of management
3.The sroup of executives responsible for the firm's goals and strategy
5.Employees who are responsible for creativity and innovation in a firm
6.A person who reports to a higher level of authority
8.Enables various parts of the firm to interact to focus on specific projects
9.Abbreviation for 'Standard'
11.Authority is spread among several divisions or managers
13.Outside board member
18.Most authority is held by top management
19."Doing things right"
20.The formal power to direct subordinates and make decisions
21.Job positions with authority to make decisions that achieve specific goals
25................ of interest arises when the interests of shareholders and directors are not the same
26.The 'R' in 'R&D'
27.Chief Executive Officer

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