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American Government

Mrs. Edelglass

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2.The name of our current Commander in Chief.
4.___ and balances to make sure no part of government has more power than another.
5.The first president of the United States
7.This branch makes sure the Constitution is followed.
8.One of the first amendment rights
10.This allows the president to turn down a law passed by the legislative branch.
12.In this house of Congress, there are two for every state.
15.One of the nine judges who sit on the Supreme Court
16.The legislative branch can __ the president or a Supreme Court justice.
17.The length of a term for a Supreme Court justice
20.This branch makes laws.
22.A representative serves a ___ - year long term.
24.This document set up the government and outlines basic rights.
25.There are 435 congressmen in this house of Congress, in which the state's population decides the number of representatives for that state. (3 Words)
26.The president can serve a maximum of ___ terms.
27.The ___ of Confederation was the first system of government in the United States before the Constitution.
1.This document was written on behalf of the colonies, saying they were breaking free from Great Britain. (3 Words)
3.A change or addition to the Constitution
6.A senator serves a ___ - year long term.
9.The name of both houses together in the legislative branch
11.Head of the executive branch
13.A member of the executive branch (2 Words)
14.The first ten amendments to the Constitution (3 Words)
15.The month in which the Declaration of Independence was written.
18.This branch approves and carries out laws.
19.A group of people that help run the executive branch
21.The second amendment allows you to carry ___.
23.Length of the president's term

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