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Chemistry Crossword Challenge

Natasha Springett

A crossword to test your knowledge on everything chemistry! We can see what areas you need to work on

1                   2 3
5           6   7            
  9     10
  11     12              
15           16  
        17           18          
19                 20  
      21                 22
  23               24  
25         26    

1.Water hating
5.Two substances that do not mix
7.Made of several repeating units
8.How plants produce energy
12.An alkane with 3 carbons
14.Copper is purified this way
17.Saturated Hydrocarbon
18.An alkene with 2 carbons
19.Chemically joined
21.Caused by pollution
23.Gas that makes up 78% of atmosphere
25.General formula of an alkene
27.Unsaturated Hydrocarbon
28.Renewable fuel
29.Mixture of several metals to make it stronger
2.Limestone and heat
3.Centre of the Earth
4.How humans produce carbon dioxide
6.Product of process plants do during the day
9.Calcium Carbonate
10.Part of Earths' make up that contains convection currents
11.Negative part of atom
13.A way of harming the environment
15.Way of splitting hydrocarbons
16.Neutral part of atom
20.Positive part of atom
22.Property of metals such as copper
24.Very reactive metal
25.Covers the Earth
26.Where limestone is taken from the ground

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