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Chapter 10 - The Nervous System

Zachary Toomey

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4.describes the mental activity associated with thinking, learning, and memory
6.Protective sheath around the spinal cord
10.a knotlike mass of nervous tissue outside of the central nervous system
11.Controls vital bodily functions
12.Peripheal Nervous System
14.Originate on the surface of the brain
17.vital fluid to nuorish and cool the CNS
19.Abnormal Growth within the brain
20.Bundle or group of fibers in the brain or spinal cord
23.A chemical messanger that allows neurons to transfer impulses across a synapse
24.Stalklike portion of the brain that connects the brain to the spinal cord
25.awake, aware, and responsive
28.Conrols hearing and smell
29.connective tissue that xurrounds the brain and spinal cord
30.Brings Nerve impulses away from the brain
33.Specialist ( MD ) in treating chemical depenencies, emotional problems, and mental illness
35.One or more bundles of nueron cells
36.Nerve Specialist
37.inflammation of the sciatic nerve
39.A physician who specializes in surgery of the nervous system
42.Basic cell of the nervous system
43.Produces sensations by relaying impulses to and from the cerebral cortex
1.Recieves and interprets impulses from sensory organs
2.Automatic, involuntary response to a stimulus
3.Neurotransmitter released within the brain
5.Controls eyesight
7.The space between two neurons
8.network of intersecting nerves, blood, or lymphatic vessels
9.Brings nerve impules towords the brain
13.Maintenece of the enviroment of the body
15.sites on the body that recieve external stimulation
16.Controls the most basic functions of the body
18.Nervous tissue in the spinal cord and brain
21.Neurotransmitter that assists in sleep
22.Brief lack of consciousness caused by a brief lack of oxygen
26.controls motor functions
27.Tumor of the spinal cord
31.The loss of the ability to read or write and the ability to comprehend it.
32.Inability to Sleep
34.Anything that excites a nerve and creates an impulse
38.Autonomic Nervous System
40.Stroke, caused by a lack of blood flow
41.Central Nervous System

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