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2nd Semester Vocabulary for Test

R. Guttinger

2nd semester vocabulary for post-test

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3.Angle between a reflected ray and the normal to a surface is called the angle of _____.
5.The statement that the current in a circuit is directly proportional to the voltage impressed across the circuit, and is inversely proportional to the resistance of the circuit is called ___ Law.
8.A lens that is thinnest in the middle and causes parallel rays of light to diverge is called a ___ lens.
12.Any complete path along which charge can flow.
14.Electric current that repeatedly reverses direction, twice each cycle is called an ____ current.
16.A phenomenon that occurs when the frequency of forced vibrations on an object matches the objects natural frequency.
17.Electric current whose flow of charge is always in one direction is called ___ current.
19.An electric circuit in which devices are connected to the same two points of the circuit, so that any single device completes the circuit independently of the others is called a ___ circuit.
20.The angle of incidence for a wave that strikes a surface is equal to the angle of reflection is called the ___ of Reflection.
1.The separation of light into colors arranged according to their frequency, by interaction with a prism or diffraction grating.
2.The SI unit of electric resistance.
4.The ______ back of a particle or wave that strikes the boundary between two media is called reflection.
6.The change in direction of a wave as it crosses the boundary between two media in which the wave travels at different speeds.
7.A lens that is thickest in the middle, causing parallel rays of light to converge to a focus is called a _____ lens.
9.How high or low sound frequencies appear to be.
10.The resistance of a material to the flow of electric current through it is called ___ resistance.
11.Angle between an incident ray and the normal to a surface is called the angle of ___.
13.The flow of electric charge is called electric ____.
15.An electric circuit in which devices are arranged so that charge flows each in turn. If one part of the circuit should stop the current, it will stop throughout the circuit. This type of circuit is known as a ____ circuit.
18.The frequency at which an elastic object, once energized will vibrate is called ____ frequency.

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