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Cincinnati Baseball

Austin Dennis

A crossword about the Cincinnati Reds

1 2     3     4 5 6 7   8        
    10               11              
        13               14
15     16       17       18           19  
21             22     23
25               26    
28                     29        
30 31 32               33              
  35     36  
37             38 39 40            
      42           43
  48     49  

2.Name of the Reds green mascot.
6.2011 gold glove second basemen
10.Hall of Fame outfielder traded away
11.reds hall of fame catcher from the '40's
12.Brandon Phillips Favorite website
13.knocked the reds out of the 2010 NLDS
15.Todays First Base Coach for the Reds
17.Big Red Machine Starting Shortstop
21.___ American Ballpark
24.1970 WS MVP against the Reds
25.who participated in the bench clearing brawl with the Reds in 2010
27.longest homerun in GABP
28.Big Armed First Basemen
29.Opening Day Reds Starting Pitcher
31.Hall of Fame Manager of Big Red Machine
33.pitched a perfect game against the reds in 2010
37.Last Rookie to Start Shortstop for the Reds on Opening Day
40.Lost the 1990 World Series to the Reds
41.Defeated the Reds in 1990 WS
42.number of Reds Gold Gloves in 2011
44.Big Red Machine Hall of Fame Catcher
45.The _______ Brothers, played together in Reds infield
47.todays Pitching Coach for the reds
48.Leader of "the Nasty Boys"
50.Name of the Reds Mascot, ____ Red
1.2010 NL MVP
3.Manager of !990 World Series Winner
4.Last Rookie to Start Third Base for the Reds on opening day
5.Pitched a perfect game for the Reds
7.outfielder traded away for Edinson Volquez
8.first rookie to debut without minor league play
9.Juniors Dad
14.number of years the Reds had not won a divison before 2010
16."The Mayor"
18.third basemen traded for Scott Rolen in 2009
19.led the majors in strikeouts in 2011
20.Todays Manager For the Reds
22.Hall of Fame radio announcer
23.todays General Manager For the Reds
26.____ Terrific
29.The Cuban Missle
30.His homerun clinched the 2010 N.L. central division title
32.youngest player to play in a MLB game
34.who is playing their last season as a Central Divison rival of the Reds
35.Hall of Fame Shortstop
36.Hall of Fame Second Basemen
38.Homerun hitting leftfielder for the Reds in '76 and '77
39.The Hit King
43.River that flows near the GABP
44.Todays thirdbase coach for the Reds
46.Reds First basemen "the Big Doggie"
49.name of Reds Mascot, Mr. ___

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