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All About Foods Crossword

By: Erwin S.

Do this Crossword if you are bored.

3       4     5      
6       7   8 9  
12           13   14      
    16         17
22           23

3.Folic Acid is also called.
5.Needed for cell reproduction, tissue growth and repair.
6.A grade of egg that has moderately oblong yolk.
10.Foods that provide "complete protein"?
12.RDI stands for Recommended Daily ________.
14.How much grams of fibre does a food high scource of fibre has?
15.Food broken down into its smaller parts consist of __________.
16.This is when your body absorbs too many Vitamins and Minerals.
20.It is a substance manufactured by the liver.
22.Yeast is an excellent source of what vitamin?
25.Also called as "Complex Carbohydrates".
1.What are the parts of aromatic plants grown in the tropics?
2.Coffee, tea and ____ contain caffeine.
4.Other term for Vitamin A.
7.This food is known as the "Perfect Food".
8.Fats that tends to lower blood cholesterol level.
9.A unit that measures the amount of energy supplied by a food.
11.The only food product that contains all six nutrients.
13.Good source of iron for vegetarians.
17.A simple carbohydrate found naturally in many food.
18.Lack of Vitamin D can cause what kind of deficiency disease?
19.What is the outer layer of the grain kernel?
21.What percentage of the human brain is made of fat?
23.Our _______ are coated with fat
24.Replenish bodily fluids.

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