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Number The Stars

Erin Connolly-Powers

vocabulary from the novel "Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry

1 2 3
4   5        
      6       7
8           9          
    11             12  
  17     18          
22                 23   24      

5.Annemarie's mama's name
6.He was engaged to Lise and helped Jewish people flee
8.Annemarie's annoying little sister
9.The name of the kitten the girls found
11.Mr. Rosen's job
13.The free country where Jewish people escape to
14.The symbol that represents the Jewish religion (a positive symbol) (3 Words)
16.The King of Denmark (3 Words)
17.The name of the Great Aunt that they pretended was in the casket
19.She is the main character in Number The Stars
21.A place where Jewish people go to worship and pray
22.Annemarie's last name
23.Mama's brother
25.The country where the story takes place
26.Ellen's last name
1.Nazi soldiers used them to sniff for people who were hiding
2.The story that Annemarie tells herself while she is walking through the woods (4 Words)
3.To run away, trying to escape
4.She is the author of Number The Stars (2 Words)
7.A small amount of food given to the citizens by a government
10.The group of people who fight back against the Nazis
12.The city where Annemarie is from
13.The Nazi symbol (a negative symbol)
15.The contents of the package that Annemarie delivered to her uncle
18.The disease Mama told the soldier that could still be in the casket
20.The name of Annemarie's uncle's boat
24.The soldiers who invaded Denmark

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