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Community Standard Crossword

Dana Goerzen

  2       3  
5           6  
  8   9              

2.the governing body of the community that are all Elderly. They control by dictatorship
5.Jonas is the reciever in training and a good friend of the current Receiver
7.The state in which everybody is the same and pointing out differences is frowned upon
8.The daughter of The Giver who got released ten years ago because she couldn't bear living with people that didn't feel
10.The toddler that lives with Jonas' family.
11.The person that is assigned to bear the memories of the past
12.The emotions that the inhabitants of the community lack
1.Ceremony in which the Elevens are officially recognized as an adult, recognized with the giving of an assignment.
3.When either a citizen of the community commits a major offence three times, a inhabitant of the house of the old has a release ceremony, or a citizen decides that he/she doesn't want to live in the community anymore
4.The name that the Reciever calls himself because he gives Jonas all the memories
6.Tellings is the event after dinner where family members talk about their day and the other family members discuss it
9.The hormones that adolescents in the community feel, controlled by the pills that they take each morning

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