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Security Planning

B. Scales

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2.Using the Administrator account or an account that is a member of Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins, or Schema Admins for daily tasks offers an opportunity for ___________ to attack your network and potentially cause severe and irreversible damage.
6.Windows Server 2008 allows you to restructure your Active Directory database by moving __________ objects such as users, computers, and printers between OUs, in addition to moving OUs into other OUs to create a nested structure.
9.Since user names are often easily guessed, it is essential to have ___________ passwords
10.During the use of a program or tool opened using Run as administrator or runas, your administrative _______________ are valid only until you close that program or tool.
12.Run as administrator and runas require the _______________ Logon service to be running.
13._____________ _______________ can be used to delegate administrative control over a container’s resources to lower-level or branch office administrators.
14.Creating OUs to support a __________________ administration model gives you the ability to allow others to manage portions of your Active Directory structure, without affecting the rest of the structure.
1.___________ __________ names will typically follow a corporate naming standard set forth during the planning stages of an Active Directory deployment.
3.Windows passwords for Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP clients can be up to 127 ____________ in length
4._________________ is the process of proving who you are.
5.Login information can be stored on the ____________ __________, making it difficult for anyone except the intended user to use or access it.
7._________________ accounts should be reserved for tasks that require administrator privileges.
8.Security operations, such as _____________ functions, are performed on the smart card itself rather than on the network server or local computer. This provides a higher level of security for sensitive transactions.
11.The recommended solution for reducing the risks associated with the Administrator account is to use a standard user account and the Run as administrator option in the GUI or the _______________ command-line tool when it is necessary to perform an administrative task.

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