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Buddha Boy Crossword Puzzle

English 9/10--Ms. Ware & Ms. Halwig

1 2          
4 5             6  
    9               10    
13             14    
15     16              
17 18              
      19 20  
    23     24                
25 26                       27
29       30 31                        
34                 35          
37       38                    
42           43        

2.peaceful or calm
5.showing silent longing, especially for something in the pst
7.method of attach wehreby one is surrounded
9.violated or profaned something sacred
11.removed by force
12.walking in a proud, confident way, often as a means of showing off
13.collection of drawings and other artwork
16.a series of actions planned to achieve a certain goal
17.painting or piece of writing that can be rolled for storage and is displayed by hanging
21.assigned a special task to
22.building that is used for worship of a god or gods
23.confused or puzzled
25.form of punishment in which offender runs between rows of men who beat him
29.showing confidence, superiority, or pleasure in oneself
31.done in a purposeful way
32.win out; triumph
34.hardship or misfortune
36.having an attitude that things are or will be good
38.fixed dieas that many people have about a group and that may be untrue
39.moving in a wavelike, flowing motion
40.member of a religious order of men who promise to observe certain rules
41.trusted follower, especially one who performs unpleasant tasks
42.mixture of snow and water
43.belief in a cause-and-effect relationship between people's actions and what happens to thim
1.table or platform used as a center of worshp
2.brief, rough struggle or fight
3.very brief; passing quickly
4.engraved slab of hard material that can be hung on a wall
6.one who has been rejected for unacceptable behavior; outcast
8.kept separate from others; alone
10.remarkable and beyond what is normal
14.the act of making fearful by use of threats
15.to use up; to spend wastefully
19.act of getting revenge
20.a substance that is fragrant when burned
24.a job that provides practical training for a student
26.not representing or imitating reality
27.represents or serves as an example of
28.state of continually being treated in a cruel, oppressive way
30.organization (often secret) that actively works against an occupying power
33.abnormal condition often marked by loss of motor and verbal skills
35.indistinct or unclear
37.picture painted directly onto a wall

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