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Vectors and Projectile Motion

G. Oakley

Physics terms associated with vectors, vector addition, vector resolution, and projectile motion.

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1.device used to find direction, usually containing a magnetic needle
4.shape of the path followed by a projectile
7.azimuth 0º
8.concept: 'up' & 'down' parts of a trajectory should be mirror images
9.the effect of a (diagonal) vector in a particular direction
11.in right triangles, it is given by the ratio: opposite ÷ adjacent
12.if angle A + angle B = 90º, then angle A is the _?_ of angle B
14.quantity with magnitude (size) only
21.azimuth 270º
23.4-sided geometric shape with opposite sides parallel and congruent
24.velocity component of a projectile that is constant ('steady')
25.directional heading that ranges through 360º
27.(math) relationship between perpendicular vectors
28.vertical part of projectile motion accelerates due to this force
29.events or actions that occur one immediately after the other
30.azimuth 90º
31.sign of the displacement and acceleration of a 'dropped' object
2.object moving in 2-dimensions (only) under the influence of gravity
3.quantity with both magnitude (size) and direction
5.vector form of speed (speed in a particular direction
6.in right triangles, it is given by the ratio: adjacent ÷ hypotenuse
10.highest point along a trajectory
11.path of a projectile
13.navigational competition that uses a compass and point to point travel
14.in right triangles, it is given by the ratio: opposite ÷ hypotenuse
15.horizontal displacement of a projectile
16.find effect of a (diagonal) vector in a particular direction: vector _?_
17.events or actions that occur simultaneously
18.combined effect of two (or more) vectors
19.vector form of distance (distance in a particular direction)
20.velocity component of a projectile that changes regularly over time
22.azimuth 180º
26.finding the combined effect of two vectors: vector _?_

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