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Famous Melbourne Streets

Mark Sinnott

1 2 3        
  4           5

3.this street separates Collingwood and Fitzroy. It is famous for discount clothes shops.
4.a street in St Kilda, famous for cake shops
6.Melbourne CBD's most famous street
7.a CBD street where you can find a lot of jewellery stores
8.a CBD street where you can find lots of Chinese buildings and restaurants
9.a CBD street, famous for its department stores
10.this street connects South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor. It's famous for boutiques.
1.this Carlton Street is famous for Italian restaurants
2.a street in Richmond, famous for Asian restaurants
3.this road begins in Brunswick. It is famous for Middle Eastern food and shops.
5.a CBD street, named after a queen
8.a CBD street, north of Melbourne Central and the State Library

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