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Judgemeadow Geography Revision.


1 2 3
  4 5 6                            
8                     9 10                
12 13                   14

6.water flowing slowly though permable rock
7.water stored on the surface of the land as lakes, reservoirs and ponds.
8.the pressure exerted by the atmosphere. On the ground surface measured in milli bars.
10.where the earthquake hits the worst.
11.s a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land.
13.the big triangle thing
15.A prolonged period of hot weather.
17.is the increase in the proportion of people living in towns and cities
18.when they are forced to migrate and are made homless.
19.is the result an energy realese caused by seismic waves.
20.a sustainable type of tourism.
21.is a physical movement by humans from one area to another
22.formed when the moving water in a stream erodes the outer banks and widen
1.A tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific oceans
2.the number of babies a women has in a particular country.
3.a method used to cut down traffic
4.measure of how many people die, a measure of acountries mortality.
5.Amount of people born per thousand.
7.the bigger meant to be triangle thing but its flat
9.water stored in the soil
12.Water which is stored in rocks
14.when you are given money to improve your house and living conditions.
15.a site which is a particularly popular visitor attraction which attracts tourists
16.many tourists in one certain destinantion

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