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Strategies For Safe Living Following Solid Organ Transplantation


Please PRINT your name and complete the crossword puzzle below. Return this mandatory education to your educator.

Objectives: 1. Recognize the risk of infections following solid organ transplantation 2. Understand lifestyle changes that are recommended to prevent infections in transplant recipient

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2.Cats can spread ________
6.________hands carefully after handling pets.
8.Hygienic hand rubs are an acceptable alternative for maintaining clean hands except when contact is made with_____
9.A major _____ of transplantation is to be able to lead as healthy and normal a life as possible
11.Young cats carry the highest risk for transmitting _______
13.In general, athletic activities have been noted to be safe and _______ for many transplant recipients
15.Travel to developing countries poses a substantial_______ to transplant recipients
18.Athletic activities can help the transplant recipient's self-esteem and guard against _________
20.Transplant recipients should consider using latex condoms during sexual activities during periods of _____immunosuppression
21.Travel should be discussed with the transplant recipients __________
22.Recipients should avoid cheeses made from unpasteurized milk in particular, soft cheeses to ________the risk of listeriosis
23.Solid organ transplant recipients are at greatest risk of infection during the first_____ months after transplantation or when their immunosuppression is augmented for episodes of rejection
24.Transplant patients have a much ______risk of central nervous system involvement with West Nile virus than the general population
25.Reptiles, chickens and ducklings have a risk of transmitting _______infection
26.Transplant recipients should avoid _______seed sprouts (alfalfa sprouts, mung beans)
28.West Nile virus can cause _____disease in transplant recipients
1.Transplant recipients should be advised ______may not be effective
3.Consider waiting to acquire a new pet until ____year after transplant
4.When traveling to developing countries, the recipient should ingest fruits and vegetable they can_________
5.Travelers should take with them a sufficient supply of ________
7.Infections can be transmitted by dogs without a bite, such as cases of kennel cough in _____ transplant recipients
10.Transplant recipients should _______ going out at dawn and dusk during peek mosquito feeding
12.Hand washing is imperative as a means of preventing ______that are transmitted by direct contact
14.Standing water in the home or basement should be promptly cleaned up to avoid ____________.
16.________remains a risk to recipients of solid organ transplantation, long after the initial posttransplant period
17.Recipients should use effective insect repellents that contain______
19.When traveling to developing countries, the recipient should avoid consuming_______made with tap water
21.Avoid contact with __________. (animal species)
27.When traveling to developing countries, the recipient should avoid consuming _____ vendor food

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