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Security+ Review 1

Gary Melander

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5.A device that controls which traffic is allowed to enter or exit a network or host
8.In the hierarchical trust model, this is at the top of the chain.
11.A cable used in bus networks that is easily tapped into.
13.A patch that is urgent and should be installed before the next scheduled patch release.
14.This states that unless an action is allowed it will not be permitted.
19.A one-way encryption (not intended to be decrypted) (alternate name)
24.Malicious code that spreads from one computer to another on its own
25.You want to be alerted to suspicious activity occuring within a group of networked computers. You would use _____.
27.Wireless security that was implemented on earlier 802.11 networks. It is considered very weak today.
29.A system that uses assymetric encryption.
31.Part of the CIA triad that deals with data authenticity.
33.an attack that occurs immediately after a vulnerability is found, possibly before the software developer is aware of the flaw
34.Rijndael developed this standard. It is a symmetric algorithm that replaced DES.
37.A type of attack where the attacker is placed between two communicating devices and is capable of modifying information.
39.A relatively fast type of encryption that encrypts data one bit at a time.
40.A ____ cable is least susceptible to EMI and least likely to be tapped.
41.A publicly accessible portion of a company's network.
44.A device that is used to interconnect networks
45.An acronym used in cloud computing that refers to software access.
1.A small piece of text saved on a computer by a web browser.
2.A common hashing algorithm
3.You want to implement a measure to detect and automatically stop suspicious activity within a particular computer. You would use ____.
4.A type of encryption used for message integrity that is not intended to be decrypted.
6.This can be used to be sure that a particular user does not have access to a specific resource.
7.A standard for cryptography.
9.This could be an empty warehouse that could be used to take over processing in the event of a catastrophe. It may take several days to be ready for production.
10._____ is used to hide or disguise information from all but the intended recipient.
12.An authentication protocol that uses a challenge which is then combined with the encrypted response from the client
15.A principle that states that users should only have the access necessary todo their jobs.
16.An unauthorized device in a network that issues inappropriate IP addresses.
17.To best ensure that data cannot be recovered from a defective drive, it should be _____.
18.Newer versions of WIndows use this for full disk encryption
20.This is used to encrypt a folder on a hard drive
21.A location that is ready and able to take over processing within an hour of the main site suffering a catastrophe.
22.A way to ensure that no one administrator has total control of a particular job role for an extended period of time.
23.This tool is used to gather information about network traffic.
26.To prevent buffer overflows, a programmer would most likely make use of _____.
28.This can be used to reduce the attack surface of a system as well as to reduce hardware investment costs.
30.Encrypts data on a fixed number of bits at one time.
32.A malicious program that portrays itself to be something useful.
35.A term referring to eavesdropping of network packets.
36.An individual that uses hacking techniques for the purpose of exposing flaws so they can be fixed.
38.Access control in which the owner of data can assign privileges to others.
42.An attack that involves multiple drones controlled by a hacker to simultaneously attack a victim
43.Access control that makes use of labels such as secret.

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