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The Outsiders Chapters 3-5


1 2           3
4         5
  6   7        
10           11   12
15     16                
17   18   19   20  

2.the make of car that made Johnny so nervous
4.where Johnny and Pony were found by the Socs at 2:30 AM
7.state where Dally told the police the boys were headed
8.the name of Soda's' horse (two words, no space)
10."Nothing _____ can stay." line from a poem by Robert Frost
11.what both boys do to their hair
13.weapon Johnny used on the Soc
15.the name of Cherry's boyfriend
16.used to bleach Pony's hair
17.______ Merril, loves Hank Williams and where the boys found Dallly
21.where the Socs tried to 'drown' Pony
22.Pony claims that this person can't stand him and would like to send him away
23._______ Mountain, where the boys should head to
1.how the boys escape from town
3.book the boys read to pass the time (four words, no space)
5.Pony's natural hair color
6."Nature's first green is _____" ---line from a poem ny Robert Frost
9.where the boys get a gun before leaving town
11.she is a 'spy' for the greasers
12.time of day that Pony got home the night that Darry hit him
14.his father was a drunk and his mother was a selfish slob; both ignored him
15.Johnny killed him
18.The boys are instructed to go to an abandoned _____ at Windrixville
19.who sent a letter to Ponyboy with Dally
20.who came to visit the boys at the church

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