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The War between the Classes- Crossword Puzzle

Gloria Miklowitz

1       2         3 4
5 6                  
8                   9
  10 11            

1.the main Idea of the story , where the story actually begins. (2 Words)
6.lower-middle class, semi-poor (2 Words)
8.Lack of fairness or justice.
10.Amy's culture and religion
12.what they call the girls in the class
13.the main concept of the color game.
14.main girl of the story
2.a very strong bond
3.upper-middle class, semi-rich (2 Words)
4.their teachers name
5.The lowest color of the game
7.highest color of the game
9.what they call the boys in the class (2 Words)
11.main boy of the story

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