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Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

Trishawn Sookdeo

Triva of the book

1                         2
4         5 6                
  9 10                   11  
  13         14 15          
        18           19
21                 22 23      

1.who was the last warden?
4.how many years was brooks in prison for?
6.what was andy's hobbie?
7.how many life sentences did andy have?
9.what did andy give to red as a gift?
12.where is zihuatanejo located/
13.brooks' birds name
15.what was andy accused for?
17.how many years did it take andy to escape?
18.the things andy had in his cell
21.what was andy in the prison?
22.how many years did it take the sisters to stop bothering andy?
24.what is under the big oak tree?
2.how many times does andy drink per year?
3.hold old was red when he left prision?
5.what happened to tommy williams?
6.first thing andy asked red for
8.what type of bird was jake?
10.what happen to bryan hadley? (head guard)
11.what was red in prison?
14.what was the town called that andy told red to goto?
16.what game did andy and red play together?
19.what the prisoners called the guards/
20.where was andy put for a month?
23.what was behind the large-sized poster in andy's cell?

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