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Graphics Vocabulary

Kelsey Simmons

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2.A group of rollers designed to apply moisture to the non-image area of the printing plate (2 Words)
6.Devices that provide a vacuum to remove sheets from a stack and position them for access to the press (2 Words)
11.A printing system component that brings the paper to be printed in contact with the blanket cylinder (2 Words)
13.A press system that transfers individual sheets of paper to the press and places them in register (2 Words)
14.A resilient material that is attached to a cylinder and used as an image transfer material from the plate cylinder to the substrate
15.A press system that removes the printed substrate from the printing system and prepares it for finishing operations (2 Words)
1.Air-producing devices that separate the top sheet from the rest of the pile in a feeding system (2 Words)
2.A control device that prevents more than one sheet of paper from entering the press (3 Words)
3.A small sheet-fed press typically used for short printing runs
4.The side of the flat that enters the press and is held by mechanical fingers of the press gripper (2 Words)
5.A lithographic press that prints with one long, continuous web of paper that is fed from a roll (3 Words)
7.A group of rollers designed to carry ink to the image area of the printing plate (2 Words)
8.A printing system component that holds the image-receptive blanket on the press and receives the image from the plate cylinder (2 Words)
9.Adjustable devices used to control the flow of ink from the ink fountain to the printing plate. (2 Words)
10.A lithographic press that prints paper one sheet at a time as it is fed through the system (3 Words)
12.A measuring scale used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of a solution (2 Words)

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