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Anthem Crossword Chapters 3-8

Laurel Ransom

1   2     3      
4     5
6               7              
  9   10                 11            
13               14         15
        16                 17   18  
19 20 21     22                
23                         24      
            27   28         29  
30           31          
        32                 33       34   35      
  36                               37         38
39   40                   41        
42       43                 44   45      
46           47         48            
49               50 51  

1.how Equality acquires his first personal meal
3.subject of Equality's experiment
6.Equality's second escape is from this place (2 Words)
7.who Equality plans to tell about his discovery
10.the timepiece that Equality uses
11.how the council describes Equality's discovery
13.what Equality found in the tunnel to invent with: metal, ___ and ___ (2 Words)
16.natural event Equality likens to his invention
22.running through Equality's mind as he hikes
23.tender words for Liberty (3 Words)
25.the promise made to Equality in the Uncharted Forest
26.how Liberty responds to the news that Equality has left (2 Words)
27.what Equality did to his studies after his discovery
30.how Equality describes himself after the incident with his discovery
32.who will decide Equality's fate (2 Words)
34.number of days since Equality was caught
36.Liberty's name for Equality (2 Words)
37.where Equality ends up
40.what we would call Equality's invention (2 Words)
41.when Equality will be able to return
42.Equality comes to the realization to that he is just now beginning to ___
43.the power that Equality has discovered
45.Equality's invention, in his mind, is a ___
46.the prominent color scheme of the punishment scene (3 Words)
48.what Equality expects to do to the council with his invention
49.Equality feels strong and powerful, and wonders what he... (2 Words)
52.Equality's reaction to being on the outside of society
53.how the council describes anything that makes life easier on people
54.what the council wants to do to the invention
55.what Equaltiy reveals in addition to his escape and his journal
2.what has been moved or touched in the tunnel while Equality was in jail
3.how Equality protects his camp
4.the punishement assigned to Equality
5.why Equality's plan works in the jail (2 Words)
8.emotion of the council when Equality reveals his occupation
9.why Equality wants to share his secret
12.what Equality is willing to do as long as his invention is used
14.what Equality finally gets to see (2 Words)
15.Equality puts this on Liberty's hand
17.what Equality begins to do when he wakes up (3 Words)
18.what Equality did when he was supposed to be at the Theatre
19.Equality's forest-related invention(s) (3 Words)
20.Equality's meals in jail (3 Words)
21.what Equality does when asked to tell where he was (3 Words)
24.what Equality is feeling when his invention is successful
28.Equality's name for his invention (2 Words)
29.the everyday experience that is a first for Equality (and/or Liberty)
31.Equality's description of the flame on the wires (4 Words)
33.what Equality broke that gets him in trouble when he arrives home
35.the pronoun that Liberty is searching for
38.number of men it took to (re-) invent the candle
39.the reason that Equality feels pain after leaving (2 Words)
44.what Equality offers up when asked for a confession (2 Words)
47.saltwater, which conducts electricity, you know...
50.Equality's plan
51.Liberty's gift

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