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Pretty Little Liars

Who is A?

1     2                 3     4 5
6   7       8                  
    9     10    

1.Used to be nerdy, then befriends Hanna and they rule the school together .
6.A perfectionist, high over-achever, always trying to be better than her sister.
11.Spencers sister, dating Ian.
12.English teacher, has a affair with a student.
2.Creepy stalker knowing every move the girls make, threatening to revel there secrets.
3.A little weird, lived in iceland for 3 years, has a affair with her teacher.
4.Blinded by a accident committed by Allison, creepy.
5.Popular and cruel girl who goes missing and 3 years later her body is found.
6.Author of the Pretty Little Liars series.
7.Jock, dedicated to swimming, was in love with Alison.
8.The high school Alison's old clique goes to .
9.Had a affair with Spencer and Allison before going out with Melissa.
10.Does anything to be popular, used to be overweight, shoplifts, has divorced parents.

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