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Professional Communications

B Werner

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1.two year college degree
4.a sheet that helps your write letters of application, prepare job resumes, and fill out application forms
8.talking with people and establishing relationships that can lead to more information or business
9.doing something in the same manner every time
11.Major decisions
15.financial extras in addition to a regular paycheck. Medical and life insurance coverage, paid vacations, bonuses, retirement plans are examples offringe benefits
17.natural physical and mental talent for learning
18.insurance that provides benefits to workers who have lost their jobs
20.a prediction made by researchers of which jobs will offer the greatest employment opportunities
21.four year college degree
22.the gross pay minus taxes and deductions.
23.a group of jobs related to one another by common interests
25.when credit given by one school is accepted by another
26.an unfounded belief or notion
27.a brief letter written in a business form to thank the interviewer for the interview
28.a brief history of a person’s education, work experience and other qualifications for employment
30.The federal government’s program that pays for health care services for people who can’t afford payment
2.a process used to make important decisions carefully and logically
3.a type of retirement program that companies offer to employees.
5.a set amount of money paid to an employee for a certain period of time
6.Set of moral principles or personal priorities that guide the person’s conduct
7.goal that will take several months or years to achieve
10.a list of steps including activities, work experience, and education/training that are needed to reach a career goal
12.the total amount of money earned for the pay period before taxes and deductions are subtracted from a paycheck
13.all the things a person has or can use to help reach their goals
14.The federal government’s health insurance program for people 65 years old or older, people of any age with permanent kidney failure and others with certain disabilities
16.time and material things a person has or can use, such as money, tools, clothes, and community resources, to achieve goals
19.A Wage and Tax statement of the amount an employee was paid in the previous year. It also shows the income tax and social security tax withheld during the year
24.a person who knows you well and is willing to discuss your personal and job qualifications with employers
29.small amounts of money given by customers to service-related workers in return for good service

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