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By: Magdelena and Josh

chapter 8

1 2 3
  6   7      
    8                           9
15                     16  

4.a closed three-dimensional figure made up of flat polygonal regions
8.a line through P(x, y) parallel to the vector a=(a1, a2).
11.an angle with its vertex at the origin and its initial side along the positive x-axis.
13.two vectors that have the same magnitude and opposite directions.
15.a vector of the length 1 that is parallel to the x-, y-, or z- axis.
17.a real number.
18.a quantity, or directed distance, that has both magnitude and direction.
1.the independent variable t in the vector equation of a line.
2.the vector equation (x- x1, y-y1)=t(a1, a2).
3.a vector used to describe the slope of a line.
4.two vectors that have the same or opposite directions.
5.a vector with initial and terminal points at the origin.
6.the cross product of a and b if a=(a1, a2, a3) and b=(b1, b2 ,b3).
7.two or more vectors whose sum is the given vector.
9.a quantity with only magnitude is called a scalar quantity.
10.the length of the directed line segment.
12.the sum of two or more vectors.
14.a vector used to describe the slope of a line.
16.two vectors are equal if and only if they have the same direction and the same magnitude.

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