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Physics Vocabulary Review

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1.Newton's _____ law of motion states that F=ma
4.the ability to cause change
6.a device that uses electromagnetic induction to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy
7.a device that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy
11.the transfer of thermal energy by the movement of a fluid
12.Newton's first law of motion, states that objects tend to resist any change in motion
13.the force of gravity pulling on an object
16.rate of change of velocity
18.energy of motion
20.circuit that has several loops for the current to flow through
22.the sum of the kinetic and potential energy of all particles in an object
24.the transfer of energy that occurs when a force makes an object move
25.the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
26.Newton's _____ law of motion states that for every action (force), there is an equal and opposite reaction (force).
27.the law of _____ of energy states that energy is not created or destroyed
2.material through which heat and electricity can flow easily
3.ratio of the output force to the input force of a machine.
5.a push or pull on an object
8.thermal energy that flows
9.circuit that has only one loop for the current to flow through
10.the transfer of thermal energy by the collisions between particles of matter that is touching
12.object in which heat or electrons flow slowly
14.the measure of the average kinetic energy of an object's particles
15.stored energy
17.levers, pulleys, a wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw, and wedge are all examples of _____.
19.describes how far something has moved
21.distance an object has moved per unit of time
23.the amount of matter in an object

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