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The Anime Crossword

Soul Diamond

Very easy cross word, as long as you know common Anime's such as Naruto, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh

1   2      
  5         6
7                   8

1.When figting the demon brothers, who called Naruto a coward?
3.In Vampire Knight, Yuki Cross's best friend.
5.Pokemon that can evolve into Espeon
7.The butler of the Phantomhive household in the show Black Butler
9.Village founded by Orochimaru in Naruto
10.A japanese comic book.
2.Mokuba Kaiba's older brother
4.Anime about a book with the power to cause death
6.Ash Ketchum's first ever pokemon.
7.Manga made by CLAMP- named after a plant?
8.Team of Pokemon snatchers.

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