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By: Magdelena and Josh

Chapter 9

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2.the set of the initial values for which the iterates of a function approach infinity.
9.the complex number x + yi.
11.a ray whose initial point is the pole.
12.the conjugate of the complex number a + bi is a - bi.
16.r (cos theta + i sin theta) is the angle theta.
19.i in an equation.
21.a grid of concentric, circles and their center, which is called the pole, whose radii are integral multiples of 1.
24.the number r when a complex number is written in the form r(cos theta + i sin theta).
25.the graph of a polar equation of the form r= a cos n(theta) or r+ a sine n (theta).
26.what a complex plane is sometimes called.
27.the representation of the solution set which is the set of points whose coordinates (r, theta) satisfy a given polar equation.
1.a in the complex number a + bi.
3.l A l for functions in the form y = A sin k or y = A cos k.
4.the complex number a + bi is graphed as the ordered pair (a, b) in the complex plane. the real axis is horizontal, and the imaginary axis is vertical.
5.used to record locations using distance and angles.
6.the boundary between the escape set and the prisoner set for the iteration of complex numbers through the quadratic equation.
7.r(cos theta = i sin theta)
8.special curves formed by graphing polar equations.
10.a complex number written as x +yi, where x is the real part and yi is the imaginary part.
13.the complex number a + bi when a= 0 and b doesn't = 0
14.the set of initial values for which the iterates of a function do not approach infinity.
15.an equation that uses polar coordinates.
17.b in the complex number a + bi.
18.the absolute value of the complex number a + bi is l a = bi l
20.the graph of a polar equation of the form r= a + or - a sin theta or r= + of - cos theta.
22.the composition of a function and itself.
23.vertical asymptote of a rational function.

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