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In a Restaurant

Leigh Weber

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1.On a date, when two people each pay for their own meal. (2 words - with space)
4.We would like to pay separately. Can you please _________the bill?
6."What kind of beer do you have _______ ________?" (en fût - 2 words)
10."Do you have any ________? This dessert may contain nuts."
12.I have a __________ for chocolate! Let's go to Cosmos for dessert. (=a desire for something specific)
14.This covers the table
15."I'll ___________ the pepperoni pizza please, with no mushrooms."
17.This is another term for "main course" or "main dish" that we often see on menus.
18.There are no drinks listed _______ this menu.
19.Milk, cheese and yogurt are examples of _________ products.
20.A steak that is very red in the middle (saignant)
2.Verb: to tell the manager that your food was not satisfactory
3.Before your meal, you may order an ____________
5."We're in a hurry. Can we have the _________ please?"
7.If the service was good, you should leave a ______.
8.A type of eggs where the yolk is broken and mixed in
9."We have a ________________ for 7:00."
11.You wipe your face with a ______________.
12.The "equipment" you eat with (fork, knife, spoon)
13.I called Chez Victor and _________ a reservation.
14."I don't feel like cooking, and I don't feel like sitting in a restaurant either. Let's order _________ _________."(2 words)
16.Another term for waiter/waitress
18."Are you ready to _________ sir?"

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