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Specimen Collection

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3.Collecting samples for ________ a. Person must give implied informed consent for blood alcohol. b. If sample collected by venipuncture, do not use alcohol to cleanse. c. Correct ID, precautions, and labeling very critical
5.Every individual who handles every ______ must sign form.
6.a. Privacy b. Source of water c. Work area for collector d. Collector must restrict access during collection
8.select labs which comply with federal standards.
9.must be aware of methods to detect and deter adulteration: 1) unusual color or odor 2) unusually high or low specific gravity, low urine creatinine or electrolytes, positive nitrite with no bacteria.
12.are those used in civil or criminal cases.
14.also created standards for certifying laboratories performing drug testing for federal agencies
15.may be “direct observation” and requires specific criteria to be met before instituting
21.Variety of substances can interfere with testing: water, liquid soap, bleach, salt , ammonia, vinegar and commercial substances such as UrinAid and Klear.
22.a. Same in all parts of body except egg/sperm. b. Unchanged through out life. c. Present in all cells. d. Different in every individual except identical twins.
23.a. Drugs may affect fetus in a variety of ways-low birth weight, premature birth, impaired neurological functioning. b. Drug addicted mothers more likely to abuse or neglect child. c. Exposure determined based on mother’s history, newborn symptoms, and results of drug testing on mother and infant. d. Variety of drugs implicated, cocaine most often identified. e. Best to collect within 24 hours of birth. f. Meconium may be used, easier to collect than urine and positive result indicates exposure during neonatal months.
24.-single hair, minute drops of blood Perform job in variety of environments and provide unquestionably accurate results.
1.established scientific and published technical guidelines for federal drug testing programs.
2.If information is omitted hold sample for 5 days and submit __________ to document appropriate corrections
4.rape kits to items found at crime scene
7.process for maintaining control and accountability of each specimen from the point of collection to final disposition of the specimen
10.requires extensive training, experience and supervision
11.done because a. Contractors or vendors b. Designated positions c. Required for pilots and bus drivers d. Safety or security reasons e. For cause f. After accidents g. Promotions for specific positions h. Reasonable suspicion i. Clearance to return to work.
13.scientific study of poisons including how they are detected, actions on human body, and treatment.
16.may contribute to high death rate of 15-24 year olds.
17.a. Non-invasive b. Results available quickly c. Reduces costs
18.Alcohol most common, referred to as
19.threatens health of baby during pregnancy
20.a. Access must be restricted to authorized personnel only. b. Only collection supplies take into collection area c. Unobserved exits and entrances d. Secure handling/storage of samples e. Access to water must be controlled in collection area f. Bluing or color-appropriate agents may be added to toilet

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