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Occult Blood

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1.detects excess blood loss which may have significance when related to certain diseases such as colorectal cancer.
5.bleeding may result in black, tarry stools.
7.word meaning “hidden”.
8.placed on a meat-free low-peroxidase diet to reduce the possibility of false positive indications; should be started two days before testing and continued through the testing period.
11.usually indicates that no blood, in excess of normal, is apparent in the fecal specimen tested.
16.a small stool sample which should be applied as a very thin smear onto both windows of the slide
17.If the __________ _________ does not occur the results of the patient testing CANNOT be reported out.
18.Slides may be developed immediately after specimen application or may be stored and developed up to ___ ____ after specimen application.
20.can be present in a stool sample, but due to the digestive process, will not retain its bright red color.
21.1. Cooked vegetables and fruits, especially lettuce, spinach, and corn. 2. Prunes, grapes, plums and apples. 3. Peanuts, popcorn and bran cereals. 4. Well-cooked fowl and canned tuna fish.
22.It is used as a _________________ ____ to the diagnosis of various gastrointestinal conditions which manifest themselves by the presence of fecal occult blood.
23.if present in the fecal specimen, acts as a pseudo-peroxidase material.
24.will react with hemoglobin released from lysed red blood cells resulting in the formation of blue color if blood is present.
1.s a rapid, convenient and virtually odorless qualitative method for detecting fecal occult blood
2.test consists of
3.is added to the areas with the patient sample as well as the control areas on the slide.
4.come with built in positive and negative controls.
6.usually indicates blood in excess of normal and should be followed up medically.
9.Patients experiencing hemorrhoidal bleeding, having a menstrual period, or bleeding from the nose, gums, etc. should delay testing for at least ___ ____ from the time that all such bleeding has stopped.
10.Once they have been prepared with a specimen, keep the slides away from ___ ____ ______
12.must turn blue and the negative control area must remain colorless.
13.______ of the test depends upon the status of the patient at the time the specimen is taken and may be affected by interfering substances.
14.is based on the oxidation of guaiac by hydrogen peroxide to a blue-colored compound.
15.1. Red or rare meat, and the following raw vegetables and fruits: broccoli, turnips, horseradish, cauliflower, red radishes, parsnips and cantaloupe. 2. Vitamin C in excess of 250 mg per day. 3. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs which may cause gastrointestinal irritation for 7 days prior to and during the test period. 4. No iron supplements.
19.from a stool sample is applied to one side of the paper, the paper is turned over and a special developer is added.

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