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Jessica Gayhart

Words will not have spaces in the puzzle. Word Bank: Depression, Postpartum Depression, Major Depression, Dysthymia, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Effects, Treatments, Effects and Risk Reduction, Support, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Beacon Tree Foundation

1 2 3
9 10                                         11    

5.Can't sleep or sleep too much, feel hopeless or helpless, negative thoughts
8.Personal conflicts, serious illness, death or loss of someone important
9.Many people get this around fall or winter time, more common in nothern climates and younger people (3 Words)
12.Normally developed after giving birth, most new parents develop it (2 Words)
13.Loneliness, realationship problems, unemployment
14.Family, friends, therapists
15.Managing stress, challenging negative thoughts, therapy
1.Physical exam, signs of symptoms, no actual test
2.This group works to prevent individuals suffering from depression and keep them from hurting themselves (5 Words)
3.This group gives parents of children with mental illnesses funding to pay for there therapy, special schooling and prescription drugs (3 Words)
4.Chronic low-grade depression, may have brief days of normal mood
6.Cycling mood changes, impulsive behavior (2 Words)
7.Inability to enjoy life, symptoms are constant and range from moderate to severe (2 Words)
10.Remain active, avoid alcohol and drugs, stop blaming yourslef, build your self-esteem (4 Words)
11.It isn't just a sadness, it's when you feel sad and lonely on a day to day basis

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