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Calculus Crossword

Justin Chander

A Crossword of Calculus.

1 2
3 4                              
    6     7              
  9                   10      
            11       12      
              16   17 18 19
    23     24                                        
28 29                    
32                           33    

4.Displacement divided by time traveled.
7.A set that consist of all the points in a plane equidistant from a given fixed point, and a given fixed line in the plane.
9.The set of points in a plane whose distances from two fixed points in the plane have a constant sum.
10.In polar coordinates, we identify the origin 0, as a?
11.We Calculate the _____ error through the Remainder Estimation Theorem.
13.The definite integral of force times the distance over which the force is applied.
14.Of a number, its absolute value; of a vector, its length.
20.An approximation of the derivative of a function using a numerical algorithm.
23.Instantaneous rate of change of position with respect to time.
27.A series in which the terms are alternating + and - is an?
30.A sequence whose domain is an infinite subset for the positive integer.s
31.If a function f is not continuous at a point c, we say that f is __________ at c.
32.The derivative of a velocity function with respect to time.
34.The vector <0, 0>, which has zero length and no direction.
35.equivalent to ln2/k, where rate constant k is > 0 for a radioactive substance.
36.F=kx; k is the Force Constant.
1.A time-saving way to organize work of repeated integrations by parts i known as ___________.
2.A discontinuity c of the function f for which f(c) can be re-defined so that limit as x-->c f(x) = f(c).
3.A point where the graph of a function has a tangent lines, and the concavity changes.
5.An equation involving two or more variables that are differentiable function of time that can be used to find an equation relative the corresponding rates.
6.The set of points in a plane whose distances from two fixed points in the plane have a constant difference.
7.The unique solution of a differential equation satisfying the given initial condition (or conditions).
8.The absolute value (or magnitude) of velocity.
12.The line about which a solid of revolution is generated.
15.The circle of radius 1 centred at the origin.
16.The derivative of an acceleration function with respect to time.
17.A Taylor Series centred at x = 0.
18.The ___________ of two positive numbers a and b is sqrt(a*b).
19.The McLaurin series for f(x) = (1+x)^m.
21.A Function f for which there is a positive number o, such that f(x+p) = f(x), for every value fo x.
22.A Complex NUmber in the form 0 + bi.
24.The error incurred in using a finited partial sum to estimate the sum of an infinite series.
25.For the requation dy/dx = f(x, y) is a plot of short line segments with slopes f(x, y) at a lattice of points (x, y) in the plane.
26.When a small changein x produces a large change in the value of a fnction, f(x), we say that the function is relatively ________.
28.A _____ is where the dlopes the secant lines aproach infinity from one side, and - infinity from the other. (An extreme case of a corner).
29.(u*v)' = u'*v + v'*u
30.In polar coordinates the positive x-axis is the?
33.The rate of change of position with respect to time.

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