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1.the materials used by artist create artworks
4.a way to show emphasis in an artwork in which the artist sets an element apart from the others to set up a center of intrest
10.a person who uses plants , rocks , trees, amd other material to createa pleasing outdoor design
11.a letter . color , sign, or picture that represents words , messages,or ideas, thoughts or feelings.
13.the way the subject sits or stands while an artist skectches or paints a portrait
17.the way artist use art materials to create certain types of artworks
18.a mental picture of something that may or may not exist
19.a way to show emphasis in an artwork in which the artiste sets an element apart from the pthers to set up a center of intrest
21.creating visual communications with two-dimensional media and images.
22.a style of artwork developed in the twentieth century that expresses a definite or strong mood or feeling through simple designs and brilliant colors
23.the information that is given with an artwork. it usually tells the artist name, titile, date , medium , size . and llocation of an artwork
24.a series of blocks showing the gradual increase of shading for color
25.a point of view frin beneath . also , knowns as a ground-level view
26.a large design or picture created directily on the wall or ceiling
2.use differnt values of a single hue by showing tints and shades of the same hue
3.a flat board on which painter holds and mixes colors
5.a paint made from a mixture of colored pigment and linseed oil
6.a drawing or painting that shows outdoor scenery such as trees,lakes, mountains , and fields
7.artworks created during the years before 3500 b.c, these artworks are usually found on cave walls
8.a style of artwork developed during the 1920's that combines realistic images and dream like ideas
9.the quality of not letting light through ; the opposite of transparent
12.runs across the page from side to side . like the horzion in a lanscape photo
14.is an artwork that is assembled for an exhibition ans removed when it is over
15.the sense of depth or space between objects in an artwork
16.to make many identical products from the same design
20.a water-based pain that uses gum arabic as its binder and has transparent quality

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