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Musculoskeletal Terminol;ogy

Teresa Martin

Terms related to the bones and muscles

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5.round bones found near joints
9.toward the side
10.shaft of a long bone
13.toward the middle
14.bones of wrists and ankles
16.lying face down and flat
17.situated above another structure, toward the head
18.specialized connective tissue composed of osterocytes forming the skeleton
19.lying down especially in bed
22.membrane lining the capsule of a joint
25.front of the body
27.tightly solid, strong bone tissue resistant to bending
31.toward the beginning or origin
32.a band or sheet of fibrous connective tissue that covers, supportsamd seperates muscle
33.straightening at the joint so that the angle between the bones is increased
34.away from the beginning or origin
35.a band of fibrous tissue that connectsmuscle to bone
36.horizontal recumbent; lying flat on the back
1.cavity within the shaft of the long bones filled with bone marrow
2.vertical division of the body into front and back
3.growth zone between epiphysis and diaphysis during development of a long bone
4.wide ends of a long bone
6.membrane linging the medullary cavity of a bone
7.bones of ribs and shoulder blades, pelvis, and skull
8.situated below another structure, away from the head
10.a flat, plate-like structure composed of fibrocartilaginous tissue found between the vertebrae to reduce friction.
11.bones of the skull, vertebral column,chest, and hyoid bone
12.tissue composed of fibers that can contract, causing movement of an organ or part of the body.
15.bones of arms and legs
20.a fibrous sac between certain tendons and bones that is lined with a synovial membrane that secretes synovial fluid
21.a flexible band of fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone
23.movement away from the body
24.soft connective tissue within the medullary cavities of bones
26.lying down
28.normal standing position
29.mesh-like bone tissue containing marrow and fine branching canalsthrough which blood vessels run
30.bending the joint so that the angle between the bones is decreased.

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