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Gary Melander

Security + Review Questions

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1.RAID-0 offers no ____.
4.One purpose of a digital signature is to provide for non-____.
7.A list of revoked certificates maintained by each CA.
9.Malicious code that may exist on hundreds or thousands of computers turning them into zombies under the control of a single person through command and control software is called a _____.
11.Microsoft Windows domains use _____ _____ for the directory services.
12.Pieces of information that a company uses to identify or contact an employee.
13.In PKI, a message would be encrypted with the receiver's ____ key.
15.____ provides protection against replay, repudiation, and sniffing.
18.Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability form the ___ ____.
19.Organization that publishes the 802 standards
20.These network devices break up broadcast domains.
21.A ____ groups selected hosts together regardless of their physical location within the organization.
27.This weak password hashing algorithm was enabled by default in operating systems up through and including XP for backward compatibility.
29.L2TP is a more secure VPN protocol than Microsoft's proprietary ____.
31.This principle states that users should only have the minimal access necessary for them to do their jobs.
34.____ ____ is an attack in which an instruction can be maliciously conveyed to an SQL server via a web server due to improper input validation.
36.____ ____ can be used in In Internet Explorer, to restrict access to websites based on their language, nudity, sex, or violence.
37.This service, which uses port 23, is disabled by default in newer operating systems
38.A method used to secure the root CA is to take it ____.
39.SHA and MD5 are examples of ____ alorithms.
42.An alternate name for auditing
43.A ___ scan can be used for biometric authentication.
44.An asymmetric encryption algorithm named after its developers.
46.DES, 3DES, and AES are all examples of ____ algorithms.
48.An authentication factor based on something that you are.
49.This access control method makes use of access-control lists.
50.The faster of two methods of encryption, ____ ____produce cipher text that is the same length as the plaintext rather than in fixed block sizes.
52.A network device that is more efficient than a hub and which breaks up collision domains.
53.You want to set up a server to lure attackers away from the real server. This would be an example of a ____.
2.Ports 137, 138, and 139 are used by ____ over TCP.
3.This is used as a means of server identity proofing and issuing a public key to a client.
5.The _____ _____ _____ resolves IP addresses to MAC addresses.
6.Malicious software that takes full or partial contro of a system at the lowest levels.
7.PAP is an authentication protocol that sends passwords as _____.
8.A social engineering attack, primarily using email to get individuals to reveal privileged information.
10.You need to identify the source of malicious network packets flooding your network. You would use a ____ ____.
14.RAID-0 is known as ____-____.
16.You would conduct a ____ ____ to determine threat detection and alert effectiveness.
17.An attack that exploits vulnerabilities that may not yet be known to the software developer is called a ____ ____ attack.
21.____ can be used to reduce security exposure, for application testing, and to reduce the hardware required for servers.
22.Another name for a hash (2 words).
23.A freely available 64-bit symmetric algorithm.
24.____ ____ List - used to establish user privileges.
25.Setting the No Execute bit on regions of memory allocated for data and providing careful input data validation are methods used to mitigate ____ ____ attacks
26.A cipher process that hides information within a multimedia file is known as _____.
28.This translation service, among other things, hides internal IPs from Internet users.
30.An authentication system that uses SSO.
32.An attacker might get a little dirty doing this while trying to learn some information about your business.
33.A type of misuse of privilege attack that involves exploiting a software flaw to cause an account or appliction to perform actions beyond it's normal privileges for a resource is known as privilege _____.
35.PKI uses ____ algorithms.
40.This network media is the most difficult to repair, carries high bandwidth, and is most immune to EMI.
41.The ____ authority validates the credentials of entities requesting certificates and then forwarding approval to the CA for certificate issuance.
45.The _ _ _ scheme refers to recovery agents needed to perform a private key recovery.
46.A symmetric block cipher algorithm developed by the NSA for use in tamper-proof hardware.
47.Port 1812 is used by this authentication service.
51.Fault-tolerance for hard drives can be achieved by implementing ___.

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