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Biology Unit Test Review


This crossword covers Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of our Biology unit.

1         2     3 4
5                 6  
  7 8               9            
10                 11          
        12 13        
  14 15                    
    16       17             18          
  22       23   24              
25   26                    
29               30
      31     32        
34             35            
  37 38 39      
40                       41         42          
      44     45 46 47    
49                                       50  
  52                 53                      
54                   55           56            

1.Stage of mitosis that takes the longest
5.Process of cell reproduction
8.Tiny air sacs found in the lung that contain oxygen
9.Part of the plant cell that stores water
10.This part of the microscope rotates
13.Where solid waste is removed from the body
15.Type of tissue which allows for movement
17.This type of muscle ONLY deals with your heart
18.The female part of the flower
19.Sytem of the body that controls moods and growth
20.Intake of nutrients, waste removal, and breathing are all ___________________
22.Basic unit of life
23.Chemical in blood responsible for transfering oxygen
25.Organelle that contains nutrients for the cell
27.Artery in the heart that sends oxygenated blood to the rest of the body
28.These carry blood away from the heart
29.These carry blood to the heart
32.Pair of organs involved in respiration
33.What does DNA stand for?
35.Control center of the cell
36.Hair and skin are part of the ________________ system
40.Coiled piece of DNA
41.Another term for a person who lives for 100 years or more
49.When cells look different from one another and perform different functions
51.Unspecialized cell
52.Type of tissue that contains the xylem and phloem
53.The death of cells that are no longer useful
54.Cell spends 90% of its life in this stage
55.Term used for "frog nostril"
56.Type of tissue that responds to stimuli
2.Chromosomes split apart and move to opposite ends of the cell during ______________
3.This substance helps to break down fats in your body
4.These can be found in an embryo and umbilical cord
5.Part of cell where photosynthesis takes place
6.Also known as the "everything hole" on a frog
7.Too much mitosis can cause _____________
11.Too much apoptosis causes _______________ diseases
12.Limits amount of light coming through the stage of a microscope
14.This system involves bones and cartilage
16.An atrium and ventricle are part of which organ?
21.Process by which broken down food passes through the walls of the intestine into the bloodstream
24.In which plant tissue are plant stem cells found?
26.Two identical cells are created during this phase of mitosis
30.A plugged oil gland results in a(n) _______________
31.Vein that brings blood from the top of your body into the heart
34."Power House" of the cell
37.Another term for our lymphatic system
38.Stress or infection can cause an unbalance in ___________ levels
39.The kidneys, bladder, and urethra are all part of the ______________ system.
42.Heat and lack of oxygen can cause this in cells
43.This substance helps to break down sugar in your body
44.Largest organ in your body
45.Rough endoplasmic reticulum contains __________________
46.The skeletal muscles are __________, meaning you can control them
47.The act of oxygen moving through the thin wall of a capillary
48.Colourless fluid containing white blood cells
50.Filter in the kidney where waste is removed

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