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Are You Up With It?

Alison Robeson

Baseline Assessment and other Assessments by Tymms,P.(1999).Chapter 2:Baseline and other assessments.In Baseline assessment and monitoring in primary schools: Achievements, attitudes and value-addedindicators(pp.13-28). London: David Fulton Publications. This puzzle is a formative assessment FOR learning, to help with consolidating assessment knowledge.

1                       2
3 4  
    5                 6
8               9                              
    10 11                  
13         14        
    15               16    
  18   19         20  
25 26 27                              
      29 30                
33                 34                  

1.different types used in different circumstances
5.those designed to help a program improve
8.assessments are intended to ________things
9.numbers can encourage unhealthy parental ____
11.vital decisions may be made about a student following a _______assessment
12.teacher on-entry assessment
13.behaviour displayed more or less all the time
15.judgement given by the teacher
17.deliberate assessment of some structured system
19.needed to help plan for the ___________
21.baseline assessment of english second language is very ___________
24.to do with feeling
27.assessment in comparison to other people
28.assessments should be checked for ________by experts
30.those designed to pronounce judgement on a programme
31._____________ between two assessments is test-retest reliability
32.judgement taken out of the hands of the teacher and given to another assessor
33.to do with thinking
34.aspects of behaviour only exibited with a particular teacher and nowhere else
35.____find change quite traumatic
36.formality is required within an _______________ situation
2.assessment according to a preset standard
3.personal and ___________development is also important
4.look at how they __________later on
6.coordination, strength, fine motor skills
7.we need evidence that an assessment is consistent over a period of time
10.assessment has some amount of __________ to it
14.a book that discusses the validity of the term 'genius'
16.looks at the changes in pupils over time
18.to do with behaviour
20.we are keen that children should _________assessment
22.cognitive, affective, behavioural, physical
23.providing information that can have a variety of uses
25.preordained criteria, marked, written _______________
26.baseline assessment helps teachers identify special _______needs
29.assessments made by teachers on a day to day basis

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