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Pastor Marsh Miers

***Old Testament Books of the Bible- Familiarization

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3.Exiles should rebuild their temple and anticipate their Messiah
5.New beginnings; how about that light
10.Married love is a beautiful thing worth celebrating
11.The Jews have become careless in their attitude toward God; final word until John the Baptist
13.David becomes King- Bathsheba
16.Prophet's marriage to a prostitute reflects God's relationship with Israel
19.King David's reign is detailed and analyzed; still God's special people
21.A Holy God explains how to worship Him
23.Trust God even when He seems unresponsive or unfair; Chaldeans
25.Locusts plague, pictures God's judgment on His sinful people
26.Israel divided into two nations; God gives Solomon wisdom
27.Moses reminds the Israelites of their history and God's law
29.After years of sinful behavior, Judah will be punished; Babylonian invasion
32.Him & his 3 friends are blessed; Nebuchadnezzar; fiery furnace-lions den
33.taught by Eli; 12 tribes unite under a king; David & Goliath
35.Both Jewish nations destroyed by disobedience to God; more bad rulers
36.penned by Joshua; the Jews capture and settle the Land of Canaan
37.Beautiful Jewish girl becomes queen, saves Jews from slaughter
38.Real religion isn't just ritual but treating people with justice
39.Powerful, wicked Ninevah will fall before God's judgment
1.A despairing poem about the destruction of Jerusalem
2.Jews returning from exile need to rebuild God's temple
4.Though Israel is in exile, it will be restored; Visions?; Valley of dry bones
6.Apart from God, life is empty and unsatisfying
7.Reluctant prophet, running from God, is swallowed by a giant fish
8.Faithless Israelites wonder forty years in the wilderness of Sinai
9.God allows human suffering for His own purposes; great loss & restoration
12.Loyalty to Naomi's God; Boaz is her "Kinsman Redeemer"
14.Israel and Judah will suffer for their idolatry and injustice; remnant; O man what is good...
15.Spiritual renewal begins after the Jews return from exile
17.History of Israel from Solomon to devision to destruction; Cyrus
18.A coming Messiah will save people from their sins- Wonderful, Counsellor...
20.A coming "Day of the Lord" promises heavy judgment great-great-grandson of Hezekiah
22.Memorable SAYINGS encourage people to pursue wisdom
24.Returning Jewish exiles rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem
28.Edom will suffer for pariticipating in Jerusalem's destruction
30.I get it, we're leaving Egypt...the Red Sea did what?
31.Ups & downs; cycles of sin, suffering, and salvation
34.Jewish songbook showcases prayers, praise, complaints to God

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