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Bobbie Roulhac

Immune System & Disease

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1.cell that destroys other cells by surrounding and engulfing them.
7.substance that stimulates an immune response, producing acquired immunity without illness or infection.
10.severe allergic reaction that causes airways to tighten and blood vessels to leak.
11.process by which a transplant recipient's immune system makes antibodies against the protein markers on the donor's tissue; can result in the destruction of the donor tissue.
15.protein produced by by B cells that aids in the destruction of pathogens.
16.immune response that relies on B cells to produce antibodies to help fight infection.
19.process by which bacteria mutate so that they are no longer affected by an antibiotic.
20.protein marker that helps the immune system identify foreign particles.
21.agent that causes disease.
22.theory that states that diseases are caused by microscopic particles called pathogens.
23.immune response that is characterized by swelling, redness, pain, and itching.
24.type of protein, produced by body cells, that prevents viruses from replicating in infected cells.
25.cancer of the bone marrow that weakens the immune system by preventing white blood cells from maturing.
26.white blood cell that matures in the thymus and destroys infected body cells by causing them to burst; also called a T-lymphocyte.
2.immunity that occurs after the body responds to an antigen.
3.infection caused by a pathogen that a healthy immune system would normally be able to fight off.
4.chemical, such as soap, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol, that destroys pathogens outside of the body.
5.virus that weakens the immune system by reproducing in and destroying T cells; causes AIDS.
6.antigen that does not cause disease but still produces an immune response
7.organism,such as a mosquito or tick, that transfers pathogens from one host to another
8.immune response that relies on T cells to destroy infected body cells.
9.immunity that occurs without the body undergoing an immune response.
12.white blood cell that matures in the bone marrow and produces antibodies that fight off infection; also called a B-lymphocyte.
13.condition characterized by having several infections and very few T cells; caused by HIV.
14.body system that fights off infections
17.specialized white blood cell that contributes to acquired immunity by acting quickly to a foreign substance that infected the body previously.
18.immune response that occurs when the body responds to a nondisease-causing antigen, such as pollen or animal donder.

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