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Harry Potter Ultimate Trivia

Zoe and Avery

1       2 3 4
  6 7      
8                     9          
  10 11                   12
    15                           16
18                     19      
20                       21
22     23         24       25 26  
29       30          

1.Giant czar
5.Time of bestial transformation
8.Hermione’s quidditch contribution
9.Twelve uses, blood of
11.Hang up?
13.In the mistletoe
15.Hogwarts’ least popular headmaster
17.OWL Potions examiner
18.Bind + door
19.Ominous centaur
20.Origin of diary horcux
22.Buckbeak, a.k.a.
27.Draco dormiens nunquam _____
28.Winbourne _____
29.Shacklebolt’s patronus
30.Alleged cocoa-poisoner
1.Quirrel’s turban stuffer
2.Albus Percival _____ Brian Dumbledore
3.Black house elf executioner
4.Aragog’s mate
6.Causes fire breathing
7.At the statue of the one-eyed witch
10.Most magical number
12.Stone of cursed necklace
14.“Sir? Is it true that professor _____ is retiring?”
16.Wouldn’t want to kiss
21.Loves motorcycles and bikini girls
23.Ron’s emotional range
24.Potter ancestor
25.Gilderoy’s claim to fame
26.Remedy for memory

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