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Lord of the Flies by William Golding (190 pgs)

Keontré Hughes

1 2
3 4      
5     6  
7 8     9  
10 11       12 13
14               15        
    16     17            
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  24       25         26        
27         28   29          

3.The boys used Piggy's ___ to start the fire.
5.___ watched over The choir.
8.___ stayed behind to take names while the island was being explored.
14.___ was appointed to be the chief of the island.
15.`___ explored the island with Jack and Ralph.
16.The little ones were afraid of ___.
20.The ___ was almost burned down.
21.no one can ___ whoever holds the conch.
22.Sam and ___ thought they saw the beast.
24.___ was in charge of watching the fire.
25.the boys got stuck on the island because of a ___.
27.The boys were from ___.
29.___ was seen but there was no fire.
30.the boys used a ___ to signal meetings.
1.the boys used ___ as a signal.
2.Piggy called the boys ___ when they started the fire.
4.No one takes ___ seriously.
6.Jack killed the pig with a ___.
7.All the ___ on the plane were killed.
9.There were no ___ on the plane.
10.___ tried to kill a pig.
11.___ wanted to be the hunters.
12.The younger boys were called the ___.
13.A ___ was coming but it turned around.
17.The boy with the ___ on his face was the first to go missing.
18.The _____ boat left because there was no smoke on the island.
19.The plane the boys were on was ___.
23.The boys were stranded on an ___.
26.the boys found a ___ on the beach.
28.Ralph's dad was in the ___.

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