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Human Geography Models & Theories Review


Review tool for AP Human Geography

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1.If all cities in a country are placed in order from the largest to the ssmaleest, the second largest city would have about 1/2 the population of the largest, the third 1/3, the forth 1/4 the population, etc... (3 Words)
3.Believed that the human ability to multiply far exceeds our ability to increase food production which he published in "An Essay on the Principle of Population" (2 Words)
6.The theory that there is only one world system in which all nation-states historically compete for capital and labor. (2 Words)
8.Model that shows a city grows outward from a central area in a series of concentric rings (2 Words)
9.A Theory that states that 3 main expenses- labor, transportation and agglomeration- must be minimizerd when locating industry. Developed by Weber. (2 Words)
10.The breakdown of central aurthoriy in a country
11.Cape Cod, Salt Box, Ranch and Split Level are all examples of __________. (2 Words)
13.The periphery's continued exploitation by and ependency on, the core in modern times even though they are no longer colonies.
17.A model that describes how economic, political, and/or cultural power is spatially distributed between dominant core regions, and more marginal or dependent semi-peripheral and peripheral regions. (2 Words)
18.Developed the Core-Periphery Model; economic determinism (2 Words)
20.A model of urban land use based on the separated and specialized multiple nuclei (2 Words)
21.A model that shows the link between population growth and economic development using 4 or 5 stages of economic development (2 Words)
22.A tree-like diagram that shows the "mother tongue" and branches of languages that develop from it (2 Words)
24.The process by which the pattern of mortality and disease is transformed from one of high mortality among infants and children and episodic famine and epidemic affecting all age groups to one of degenerative and man-made diseases (such as those attributed to smoking) affecting principally the elderly (2 Words)
25.5 stages that range from Traditional Socities to High Mass Consumption
26.Developed the Sector Model
2.3 distinct developmental periods in Agriculture which included cultivating seeds, innovations in machinery used in Ag, and the Green Revolution (2 Words)
4.Theory by Mackinder that the country that dominated the land mass of Eurasia would eventually rule the world (rimland)
5.The concept that it is possible to balance economic growth without jeopardizing the environment and equitable human access (2 Words)
7.The concept that the concentric circles in Burgess's concentric zone model are based on the amount people are willing to pay for land in each zone (2 Words)
12.Model that represents a law of spatial interaction that states that larger places attract people, ideas, and goods more strongly than smaller places
14.Developed the concentric-zone model in 1925 with 5 zones
15.Cities exist for economic reasons and that people gather in cities to share goods and ideas; Developed by Christaller (2 Words)
16.5 stages of Growth/Development developed by Rostow (3 Words)
19.Model where urban development occurs in wedges or sectors rather than concentric zones
23.The theory prevalent during the Cold War Era that became communist, its neighbors were likely to soon become communist too.

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