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Marketing: Sports & Entertainment Chapter 10

Mrs. Hundemer

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3.Creating a fake grass-roots effort
4.customers’ positive feelings about the business
10.Statement issued to refute, justify, or downplay negative stories and to focus attention on more positive matters
11.A technique of setting the advertising budget by estimating the point at which an additional dollar spent on advertising equals additional profit
14.An in-person, face-to-face communication between a seller and a customer
15.An extra commission paid to salespersons who sell or push particular products
16.Person in an organization who is responsible for maintaining relations with the public and news media
17.Advertising loses its effectiveness due to overexposure or poor message quality
18.Refers to maintaining a similar dollar amount or frequency of advertising as that of competitors
19.The most expensive time to advertise on television because the largest number of viewers are watching
20.The theme of an ad
21.Choosing the media that will bring the most effective advertising message to the targeted consumer
1.A product is integrated into the plot of a movie or television show
2.An unknown person or event is propelled into the spotlight by the fans
5.A paid form of communication delivered by a product maker or seller to consumers
6.A promotion where a few online mentions turn into a real buzz about a movie and propel it into a mega hit
7.Sales promotion that offers short-term discounts to distributors and retailers for selling or participating in the promotion of a product
8.The arm of promotion that tries to create a favorable public opinion for an individual or organization
9.The number of times the targeted customer is exposed to the media
12.The number of people in the target market expected to receive the message through the chosen medium
13.Additional incentives offered for a limited time to encourage consumers to buy a product
16.Any unpaid media attention, both negative and positive, about a business and its products, services, or events

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