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Digestive System

Teresa Martin

Terms dealing with digestive System

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1.inflammation of the liver
5.tooth decay
7.black, tarry stools caused by digested blood from the gastrointestinal track
11.Substance used in laboratory tests for occult blood in the stool
12.cancer of the colon and rectum
15.prevents normal absorption of certain nutrients
16.sum of chemical processes that result in growth, energy production, elimination of waste etc.
18.use of chemical agents to treat esophageal varices to produce fibrosis and hardening of the tissue.
19.underlying organs or intestines protude through the weakened muscle wall.
20.device for blowing air, gas, or powder into a body cavity
22.chronic condition of thinning of the bowel
30.erosions or sores in the GI tract
31.inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth
32.caused by a defect in the diaphragm that allows a portion of the stomach to slide up into the chest cavity.
34.loss of appetite
35.external or internal dilated veins in the rectum
36.chronis disease characterized by destruction of liver cells
1.Vomiting blood or bloody vomitus
2.bouts of constipation alternating with diarrhea.
3.the formation of gallstones made of cholesterol
4.An enlarged liver
6.Accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity
8.Ulcerative lesions in the duodenum
9.inflammation of the lining of the stomach
10.inflammatory bowel disease
13.inflammation of the gingiva or gums
14.general inflammation of the stomach
17.inflamattion of the appendix
21.white thickened patches on the oral mucosa or tongue that are often pre-cancerous
23.inflammation of deep lining of the bowel ranging from very mild to severe
24.smooth rounded, removable inner portion of a hollow tube that allows for easier insertion.
25.masses of benign mucous membrane linging the large intestine
26.contraction and relaxation of the involuntary musclesproducing wave-like movement through the digestive system
27.Substance that can be damaging to the liver
28.abnormal contact between the teeth in the jaw
29.difficulty swallowing
33.normal tension in a cell or the skin

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