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Respiratory Terminology

Teresa Martin

Terms dealing with the Respiratory System

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3.computed x-ray imaging of the head is used to visualize the structures of the nose and sinuses
8.periods of breatrhing cessation that occurduring sleep
11.amount of air exhaled after a maximal inspiration
15.drug that dilates the muscular walls of the bronchi
19.inflammation of the bronchi
20.lung cancer
23.removal of an entire lung
25.accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity
26.durg that neutralizes or inhibits the effects of histamine
29.obstructive pulmonary disease characterized by overexpansion of the aveoli
31.collapse of lung tissue
33.accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity
34.drug that breaks up mucus and promotes coughing
35.examination of a body cavity with a flexible endoscope to examinewithin for diagnosis
36.inflammation of the sinuses
37.inflammation of the larynx
1.drug that dissolves or prevents the formation of thrombi or emboli in the blood vessels
2.nonionizing image of the lung to visualize lung lesions
4.a measure of blood acidity or alkalinity
5.coumpound in the body that is released by injured cells in allergic reactions
6.presence of numerous polyps in the nose
7.inherited condition of exocrine gland malfunctioncausing secretion of thick viscous mucus that obstructs passageways within the body
9.noninvasive method of estimating the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood using an oximeter
10.inflammation of the pleura
12.drug that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
13.excision of the palatine tonsils
14.two-part nuclear scan of the lungs to detectabnormalities
16.excision of the adenoids
17.incision into the trachea
18.surgical repair of the chest involving fixation of the ribs
21.inability to breathe
22.inflammation of the pharynx
24.removal of a lobe of a lung
27.amount of air exhaled after a normal inspiration
28.creation of an opening in the trachea
30.inflammation in the lung caused by infection from bacteria or viruses, fungi,or parasites
32.x-ray imaging

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