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Speech Terms

Ms. Bendit

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2.the person who answers the questions in an interview
7.a regularly recurring phrase or verse
8.in agreement; marked by accord in sentiment or action
9.a logical, organizes framework for a speech
10.a way of reaching a cooperative relationship
13.statement of a point to be debated
14.a mutual correspoinding or mummunication
17.a way of reaching a cooperative relationship
18.the minimum number of members that must be present to make decisions
21.the basic and generally understood meaning of a word
25.having or showing clear and forceful expression; revealing
27.to state or do over again or repeatedly
28.a word or group of words substituted for a word that is offensive
29.total group of arguments
31.existing conditions
32.a person who effectively uses leadership skills
35.a place of safety, or a place of offering favorable conditions
36.an error in reasoning or a mistaken belief
37.the use of hands, limbs, or the body to send a message
38.the part of the speech that provides the content and proves the thesis
41.to trade by exchange of goods
43.calling forth or up; to bring to mind or recollection
45.to evaluate
46.that which is sent or said
47.a person who delivers oratory an uses words effectively
48.to use emotional barriers to absorb information selectively
1.to say again or in another way
3.arranging in order of importance
4.capable of being understood in more than one way
6.a specific code or system of conduct that is followed
11.to make easier
12.contrasting of ideas by means of parallel arrangement of words/phrases
15.a reason for favoring a particular side of a point to be debated
16.the arto or study of public speaking
19.varied, differing from one another, unlike
20.hesitation in speech, purpose, or action
22.the telling of a story
23.a speech countering your opponent's attacks on your arguments
24.conversations between actors, two persons, or groups
26.the mode or manner that a speaker uses to transmit words to another
27.show how something is wrong
30.pertinent, applicable
34.a word formed from the intitial letter of each part of a compound term
39.a method used to solve a problem
40.an often prejudices outlook
42.a proposal to change a motion
43.speech honoring or praising or honoring someone who has died
44.a sudden feeling of doubt, fear, or uneasiness

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