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2011 Films


The answer to every clue will be all or part of a film from 2011.

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1.Fascinating Matt Damon / Emily Blunt film - forces at work behind the scenes (3 Words)
2.Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were charming in a non-relationship (3 Words)
5.Widely regarded funny film featuring comedic women involved with a wedding
6.Jake Gyllenhaal has to keep going back, trying to change the outcome (2 Words)
9.Gwenyth Paltrow sang (2 Words)
11.Fantastic inspirational film about men working as police officers and deciding to be leaders in their families
16.George Clooney and Ryan Gosling political thriller (4 Words)
17.Justin Bieber tells us not to say ____________
18.Woddy Allen directed Owen Wilson in this charming, literary film (3 Words)
19.Film starring Mel Gibson and a hand puppet...that hopefully nobody saw (2 Words)
20.Long bombardment of images and concepts and whispers, although nominated for Best Picture by the Academy, in my opinion, a tie for one of the worst films (4 Words)
1.Excellent storyline and fascinating characters, difficult to watch. Mystery starring Rooney Mara. (6 Words)
3.The character of this legal thriller, Matthew McConaughey, got his name from the vehicle in which he conducts business (3 Words)
4.Bradley Cooper, using a top secret drug, has never seemed more intelligent
7.Probably tied for the worst film of the year - underwater, murder, James Cameron
8.Ben Affleck was depressed after losing his job (3 Words)
10.Cameron Diaz, sleeping through class, writing obscene comments while grading papers earned the title of _____ _________ (2 Words)
12.Adam Sandler plays two characters. To say it features sophmoric humor is kind. (3 Words)
13.Exceptionally well-written film about baseball, and so much more
14.Beautifully done film based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender (2 Words)
15.With a terrifying topic, a group of exceptional actors and Soderbergh, I don't know how this film managed to be boring...but it was

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